Homeschool program

Because of the vibrant homeschooling community within our area, we offer a program for homeschoolers to learn Tae Kwon Do in the middle of the morning on Fridays. We offer both a Family Class and a Lil' Dragons class for homeschoolers at this time. Both classes are taught with the same curriculum as our evening programs, except homeschool classes are 15 minutes longer than our other classes.

Homeschool Family Class

We designed this program to increase physical fitness and flexibility, while building character and teaching self-defense. Students progress from belt to belt on their journey to Black Belt, all in a fun and action packed class for children and parents alike.

This class is designed for ages 7 and up,

homeschool lil' Dragons Class

Our Lil' Dragons Class is designed for children ages 4-7. This program focuses on balance, coordination, fine & gross motor skills, self-control, stranger danger, life skills, as well as character development.